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Ace Ventura recently visited the Sanctuary. Watch the
"Ace Venture Talks to Animals" YouTube video everyone is talking about!

We are one of 33 facilities in the United States accredited by
The American Sanctuary Association (ASA)

We are one of 14 facilities in the United States accredited by
The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries GFAS

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Three Ring Ranch
Three Ring Ranch

Hawaii's only fully-accredited, USDA licensed, exotic animal sanctuary

flamingoFounded in 1998, the Three Ring Ranch is a private,
non-profit, exotic animal sanctuary located on five acres above Kona. It is home to zebras, nene, hawks, owls, flamingos and reptiles, as well as many other rare, endangered and exotic creatures.

Licensed by the USDA, we hold State and Federal
wildlife permits for possession of raptors and
endangered species.

We are OK!

The volcanic eruption is on the other side of our island. We have had multiple small earthquakes, but the flow is in no way endangering our facility. The sulfur plume is blowing to the east. Our island is a big triangle and we are on the west coast, on the opposite side from the east rift zone where the activity is now.
Many thanks to all of those who are calling, emailing and texting good wishes. Our disaster plan is in place and we are ready should things change but we are on the slope of 6,000' (1,800m) Hualalai and this creates a large barrier which lava is not going to come over.
We are offering our services to owners of EXOTIC animals (only) that may have been evacuated and need shelter. We are also in touch with the USDA and the Hawaii Island Humane Society. Thank you to those vets (many of whom were our past interns!) who have offered assistance.
If you are local and prepared to help you can email your availability. If you are on the mainland this would be a great time to go online and make a donation to the sanctuary. We are ordering extra feed in case shipping is disrupted which is quite costly.

We will keep everyone updated should things change.

Follow KGMB News for the most recent video and updates.  

Our mission is to positively impact the environment while educating Hawaii's children about their place in the natural world.
Our goal is to assist in the development of an environmentally responsible generation of youth. We teach about the fragile ecosystem we impact on a daily basis, while giving visitors a rare chance to see the animals up close.

Our resident animals live out their natural lives at the facility.

Watch a short video of a release of a Hawaiian hoary bat
bat release video

Big Island Traveler, "Home on the Range"

Spring 2016.

Probably one of the best articles written about the sanctuary.


100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to supporting the animals and our educational programs

donate here

The Three Ring Ranch
is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
TIN 99-0344980

Private educational tours can be arranged by calling or the Sanctuary
Due to our caring for wildlife, the Sanctuary has no regular, open hours for the public.