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The Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest
Pepsi Project

Three Ring Ranch Pulls-out of Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest

Aloha Friends and Supporters,

I case you have not heard through the news, facebook or by other means, we have officially resigned from the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest.

"Secret Agent Ann" discovered that there was cheating and corruption taking place in the contest which likely bumped us out of a win in both October and December.

You may remember that we ended up in 11th place in October and 12th place in December. Ann gathered information on the individuals involved and went to the press, as well as the FBI. The details of these events have been explained in a New York Times article in their 01/06/11 edition (section B4), as well as on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on 1/7/11.

What do we want from all this? Our hope is that Pepsi, after reviewing the evidence, will:

  1. Per Pepsi's own rules and regulations: disqualify the cheaters, including Guardian Angels Feline Rescue, Catkins, Dogtime, Cash for Critters, Soft Place to Land.
  2. Recoup the Pepsi funds these groups illegally collected.
  3. Grant funds to the runners up. (For example, if a fair-playing group came in 11th but the group ranked #10 cheated, insure that the 11th-ranked group received funding).

How can you help, now?

  • Contact Pepsi via email: pepsirefresh@young-america.com
  • or
  • Call Pepsi @ 1-800- 768-2784 and ask for a supervisor.

    Tell them what you've learned and ask them to remove the cheaters and move up the honest winners.

We believe that Pepsi's Refresh Everything Contest is a good thing and has helped many non-profit organizations and the people and animals they serve. To their credit, Pepsi is trying to be a good corporate citizen. Because of this, we believe that Pepsi will try to "do the right thing" to turnaround this potential PR nightmare. Nevertheless, the more pressure we can put on them, the better the chances are that we can guide them to choosing the right response.

Once again, We couldn't have done any of this without your support. Regardless of the eventual outcome, we want to thank you all again for helping us make it this far. We have met many new people, made many new friends and found many new supporters and good things are sure to come from this experience, whatever the final outcome.

As this continues to be a developing story, you can keep up with the latest developments at the Ranch's facebook page.

Mahalo nui loa,

Ann & Norm Goody