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Aloha Students and Parents:

Programs are ongoing and new openings occur every few months.

Students will spend one day a week at the Sanctuary after school for a 4-hour hands-on learning experience. The 10-week program allows small groups (3 students per group) a chance to work with one other group that has already been trained in all aspects of Sanctuary management skills (as appropriate for their age and physical abilities). The groups work together with myself, the Curator, to learn about the exotic animals, endangered species and the fragile island environment. During their time here, we focus on developing teamwork skills, compassion and self-esteem. The students also develop leadership skills when they progress to become the teachers of the next incoming group.

For ease of transportation and to promote carpooling by parents we plan to have each group of students come from one school. Thus, a rotation will change from school to school and one group from school A will train the group from school B. This will foster bridges within our community and encourage the students to make new friends from outside of their own school.

For monitoring purposes, teachers share information about the student's grades before the program and during the course of the mentoring to provide feedback as to how a student is doing during and after the program. We have observed that the citizenship grades of all students have improved as well as many of the GPAs. In fact, most students are reluctant to have to finish their program, but most look forward to teaching the next group of students the skills they have learned.

Their teacher's participation is also vital to the program as the community service component is an essential part of teaching students responsible behavior.

Students will be responsible to complete a single page report of activities for each session which is signed and returned to the school to serve as evidence of community service.

Students must saying why they want to participate. We are then obtaining parental consent and putting all interested students on a waiting list to be considered for participation in the program. We will notify students when their school's group comes up in the rotation and is set to begin.

To inquire and/or learn more about the program you should also . Parents are also welcome to email.


  1. Students are required to have health insurance.
  2. Parents must sign a consent form and general liability waiver.
  3. There is no charge for the program, although donations to the Sanctuary are welcome.

To learn more about this or any other of the many educational programs run at the Sanctuary parents may call 331-8778. Our facility is a 501(c)3 non-profit and our staff are 100% volunteer.


Ann Goody, Curator