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male Jackson's chameleonIt is an unfortunate reality is that there are animals that are in the State of Hawaii illegally. Some have been seized by the local authorities and need permanent placement or temporary sanctuary while awaiting transport to a more appropriate location. In addition to caring for those species which we are permitted to care for, we encourage anyone who knows of an illegal animal to call us and we will assist you get it to the proper authorities to see that the animal gets cared for correctly.

The Jackson's chameleon is originally from Africa, but after originally being brought in for the pet trade, they have managed to establish themselves on a number of different islands within the State. The are technically illegal to possess, but still quite common in the local pet trade. They are also frequently captured and sold to the pet trade out of State. They require special care and most captured animals eventually get sick and die or are released back into the wild.

Sugar GliderThis sugar glider, at left, is highly restricted in the State of Hawaii. He was smuggled into the State as a pet. His owner realized that being caught in possession of this animal could mean a big fine and certain seizure of this pet. Fortunately, he was turned in to the Sanctuary and safely transferred to a home on the Mainland. This species could cause tremendous damage to Hawaii's agriculture if they were able to establish themselves on the islands, as many other exotics have been able to do.

Exotic animals have complex needs, so for the animals' welfare (and to avoid criminal penalties and fines) we encourage people to contact us if they have or know about anyone possessing any alien or exotic species.

bearded dragon

This bearded dragon was also turned in to the Sanctuary where he was held with another lizard for one week at the request of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. They were then transported to Oahu and then on to a legal home on the mainland.bar-headed goose

This is Barcode. He is a bar-headed goose, a species which requires special permits to possess in Hawaii. He was seized during a raid by Fish & Wildlife on Oahu. He now lives happily at the Sanctuary, sharing the wetlands with our nene, crane and ducks.