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South African Crowned Crane
(regulorum regulorum)

Crowned cranes are majestic yet primitive birds. They are the only living arboreal cranes. There are four recognized subspecies of crowned crane: two black and two gray varieties.

Click button and listen to Frasier's call

Frasier the Crane

Crane populations throughout Africa and the world are rapidly dwindling as the large areas they require to feed and reproduce in are gradually being converted to farm and residential use. These magnificent birds have been chosen the national bird of several African nations, even though in some of these countries they are considered extinct. Due to civil war and political unrest in many recognized crane territories, accurate population studies in the wild are difficult.

Crowned cranes are large birds, standing nearly four feet tall. Though good hunters, they are opportunistic feeders, eating almost anything they can catch: insects, small lizards, mice, fruit and fish.