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The animal's wish list

As we continue to grow and accumulate animals we have found ourselves to be in need of a wide variety of items

Specific items include

  • Parrot toys from New York Bird Supply
  • Enrichment toys for monkeys from Wildlife Toy Box or from Otto Environmental
  • Picnic or park benches- needed for teaching sessions and for volunteers. A new, ABS-plastic park bench costs ~$230 at our local Lowes/Home Depot stores.
  • Feed pans-plastic or aluminum, all sizes
  • Cages- sturdy wire and travel type
  • Acknowledgment for items already donated :

  • Incubator- donated by Kona Community Hospital
  • Bird Brooder- donated 2/00 by Dr. Bob and Mary Laird
  • Avian scale- donated 3/00 by Jamie Spence; Na'alehu, Hawaii
  • Avian incubator 5/06 by Lori and Dave Dillon
  • Anesthesia Machine 4/07 by Dr. David Hiranaka, MD DDS
  • Canon DSLR Camera Body 11/07 by Jonathan Goody
  • Large animal scale 10/06 by Dr. Annette Timmel, DVM. Kamuela Animal Clinic
  • Microscope 11/07 by Dr. Annette Timmel, DVM. Kamuela Animal Clinic
  • Portable X-ray machine 12/07 by Dr. Annette Timmel, DVM. Kamuela Animal Clinic
  • If you are interested in purchasing any item for the ranch please contact us for specifics. We welcome any gift. You can also specify that a cash donation be used to purchase an item listed above.

    Sponsoring a project is also welcomed. Please browse our projects page and contact us if you or your organization are interested in sponsorship. Our projects are all pretty large in scope (for us as individuals) and we can only expand with outside help.

    All donations are fully tax-deductible. If what we are trying to do for the animals sounds like something you agree with, please consider becoming a supporting partner.

    Mahalo Nui Loa