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Here are some of the articles and stories about the Sanctuary
that have been published in newspapers and magazines

Stream Ann's interview on KWXX's Island Conversations with host Sherry Bracken
August 2020 or listen to it here:  
Big Island Traveler, "Home on the Range"
Spring 2016. Probably one of the best articles written about the sanctuary.
Article from Hana Hou, the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.
Dec07/Jan08 issue.
"Endangered Hawaiian hoary bat rescued, rehabilitated". West Hawaii Today, May 13, 2007. (also picked-up by AP)
Sandy group forgoes grant competition following reports of cheating
Deseret News. 1/17/11 Salt Lake City, Utah
 Hawaii Public Radio aired this story January 10, 2011.
Sherry Bracken, HPR's Kona reporter, said that Three Ring Ranch had blown the whistle on possible voting fraud in the Pepsi contest.
Pepsi Refresh, Community Fundraising Contest, Under Fire Again
The Huffington Post. January 7, 2011.
The 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street: Jan 7, 2011. #1- Sign of the Apocalypse: Cheating of Charities Now Outsourced!
The Street. Posted January 7, 2011.
Has Pepsi's Refresh Project Been Compromised By Cheaters?
FastComapny. January 7, 2011.
"Big Island woman prompts investigation into possible contest fraud"
Hawaii News Now. Original broadcast date January 5, 2011.
"In Pepsi contest, vote tallies questioned"
Chicago Tribune, front page. January 7, 2011.
"Pepsi Refresh Project: What a Rocky, Strange Trip It's Been"
BrandChannel.com detailed article on Pepsi contest. January 6, 2011.
"New Charges of Cheating Tarnish Pepsi Fund-Raising Contest for Nonprofits"
Ann featured in New York Times article published January 5, 2011, which describes cheating in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest.
Opinion letter from Ann. West Hawaii Today, May 2006.
"Animal Kingdom in Our Backyard". West Hawaii Today, 2005.
"Bat Transferred to Honolulu Zoo". Honolulu Star Bulletin, November 12, 2002.
"Exotic Animals at Kona Ranch Find Loving Care". Honolulu Advertiser, 2001.
"Living in a Hawaiian Zoo". Baylor College of Medicine Alumni Newsletter, Winter 2000.
"Animal Lover Opens Her Backyard to Unwanted". West Hawaii Today, Jan. 28, 2000.

These are articles written by the Sanctuary and published
in scientific journals or popular press

(these are presented as .pdf files which you may print or save if they interest you)
"Mimicking Wild Lesser Flamingo Eating Habits to Create a Healthy Captive Diet" SWAVA, December 2005
"Controlling zebra hoof overgrowth through enclosure modification" SWAVA
"One Sanctuary's Guidelines on the Private Ownership of Small Furry Animals" SWAVA, August 2006
Also published for distribution by the Humane Society of the United States
The Sanctuary's instructions for "What to do if you find an injured or baby bird"
"Exotic Animals Do Not Make Good Pets". Honolulu Advertiser, Pet Project- Expert Advice column written by Ann, 12/5/06.
"Procuring Free State-of-the-Art Health Care Supplies for Veterinary Use" Published in the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation, September 2008.
"A traumatic head injury study in raptors of rehabilitation treatment protocols. Should we be taking a second look at steroids?" Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Submitted July 2008, pending peer review.
"Avian Masturbation a/k/a Venting Your Frustration" Sanctuary Workers and Volunteers Association (SWAVA) Journal, August 2010
"A Novel Approach to Tibiotarsal Fracture Management in the Hawaiian Nene" Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Volume 32, Number 1 2012.
"Background Music to Reduce Startle Response in Wild Avian Species During Rehabilitation" Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Volume 33, Number 1 2013.

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