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TV appearances

Hawaiian Moving Company  

   2003 segment (3:46)      PLAY
(view on YouTube)

entire 2004 segment (6:47) PLAY
(view on YouTube)

Intro to 2004 segment (edited 2:52) PLAY
(view on YouTube)

Hawaiian bat portion of 2004 segment (edited 2:33) PLAY
(view on YouTube)


Isis release story (2005) (2:59) PLAY
(view on YouTube)

2005 KITV News segment (2:41) PLAY
(view on YouTube)

BEST overview video

"Living Local"

originally shown on Hawaii's Oceanic Cable channel OC16
May 20, 2008 (2:57) PLAY

"Livin' Large"

Nationally syndicated TV series (3:15) PLAY
(view on YouTube)


Part 1 (2008) (2:02) PLAY

Part 2 (2008) (1:53) PLAY


Release of a Hawaiian owl in Waimea 4/13/06 (2:11) PLAY
(view on YouTube)