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The Sanctuary has no regular, open hours for the public but we offer private educational tours where you will learn about and meet our exotic animal residents.


PLEASE DO NOT CALL to arrange a visit. We are unable to answer all the calls as we are busy caring for animals.

To schedule a tour please e-mail us at .

ALL tours are arranged via email, please do not call to inquire about tours as we are generally outside, caring for animals. Any questions you have about tours should be answered below.

  • All tours must be scheduled in advance
  • All tours are arranged via emial (link below)- Please do not call.
  • There is minimum donation of $70 per person for tours
  • Minimum age for visitors is 6 years old
  • Tours are subject to weather
  • Please review our cancellation policy before booking (included in an auto-reply when a tour request is made)

This information will help you plan your visit to the Three Ring Ranch

We offer exciting educational tours for small groups which last about two hours. It is an incredible close-up experience for children and adults to learn about the behavior and communication of our exotic animal residents and learn how they came to be here.

The sanctuary is unique as we have exotic and endangered native wildlife living their lives with us as educational ambassadors. Visitors see our animals up close including the Hawaiian nene, i'o and pueo.

Tours begin at 11:00am, after we complete the morning feeding rounds, and the animals are alert and ready for some visitor fun. Tours end about 1pm. We only do one tour per day, so please contact us as soon as you know what day you would like to schedule your tour.

All visits must be arranged in advance - we cannot accommodate any drop-ins. This is very important because most of our day is spent taking the absolute best possible care of the animals and we must adhere to their care schedule.

We have no set fee for the educational tour but have a minimum donation of $70 per person (adult or child). 100% of all donations go to help us provide lifetime feed and care for our many resident animals. We are a 5013 non-profit, all volunteer organization and we can provide a donation receipt for your taxes. Our animals say, Mahalo!

If you would like to have a more personalized experience we can accommodate your visit with a VIP Tour for a minimum donation of $500 (7 people or fewer). A VIP Tour will go at your pace and you can spend more one-on-one time with your favorite animals. If we don't have a group tour available or we have not reached our 6 person minimum on your selected date, a VIP tour is the only way we can accommodate your visit. Family groups of over 7 may also book a VIP tour but the price will be $70 per person minimum donation.

Guests must be at least 6 years old. Through experience, we have learned that children under 6 have a natural exuberance which is extremely difficult for them to contain. Unfortunately, this exuberance is not understood by the animals which can create an unsafe situation for the animals or children, and also negatively impact the experience for the other guests. We must always remember that this is the animals' home and we are their guests.

You will need sturdy and/or closed toe shoes (e.g., tennis shoes or walking sandals) as we will be walking on some uneven surfaces. Total distance walked over 2 hours is ~1,000 ft. with minimal elevation change, frequent stops and occassdional benches.

We are not wheelchair accessible in our pasture areas.

To schedule a tour, please make sure you have left us your full contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible as we are frequently outside caring fro the animals. If you prefer to call, we can usually be reached in the evening after 6 pm Hawaii time at 808-331-8778.

You can also purchase TOUR GIFT CERTIFICATES from our online store. These gift certificates are a great way to send your friends or favorite small group to see the animals up close and personal.

Mahalo, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Three Ring Ranch.

To schedule a tour please e-mail us at .

AFTER receiving confirmation of a date